At BIOZEAN, we actively look for alternatives that help raise awareness about marine ecosystem conservation. When we met Corales de Paz, (an international organization that promotes coral reef conservation and environmental responsibility) we found the perfect partner! We admire their work, and we contribute to several programs and campaigns that raise environmental awareness.

If you want to know more about Corales de Paz, visit: http://www.coralesdepaz.org/


At BIOZEAN, we believe the development of rural areas is a fundamental part of the progress of the country. Therefore, we identify ourselves with the premise of Fundación Hogares Juveniles Campesinos which says: “The future of Colombia is in the fields, the future of the fields is in the hands of rural children, the future of rural children is in our hands.”

If you want to know more about Hogares Juveniles Campesinos, visit: http://www.coralesdepaz.org/

This is how, with every purchase of a BIOZEAN product, you help us continue to support the “Plan Padrinos” (“Sponsorship Plan”), as we contribute a percentage of all our sales to the technical education of rural children.


At BIOZEAN we look for opportunities to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of your health. Therefore, we support the “Ruta por la Vida,” an educational event where “ we ride bicycles to support women with breast cancer and, together with them, celebrate life, putting into practice healthy habits for a healthy life” such as the use of 100% natural personal care products to replace those with toxic chemicals.

If you want to know more about Liga Colombiana Contra el Cáncer, visit:

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