We carefully investigate what organizations like Marine Safe and Haereticus Environmental Laboratory (among others) have to say about toxic chemical ingredients in personal care products that are causing environmental contamination and that endanger the life of the marine ecosystem (coral, fish, and algae). Our products do NOT CONTAIN any of the toxic chemicals listed by these organizations.

We guarantee you that none of our products have been tested on animals at any stage of development. We do not accept or support any type of animal cruelty. We practice compassion for animals and promise that animal testing will never be implemented for our formulas. Additionally, before purchasing any ingredient, we ensure that our providers practice these same values.

“The Natural Products Association is pleased to announce that the BeNatural Company received NPA’s Natural Certification for several products in their BIOZEAN line. The BeNatural Company, based in Bogota, Colombia is committed to creating high quality natural personal care products. BeNatural is one of many international companies to receive the NPA Natural Certification, but is the first to achieve this accomplishment from Colombia.” NPA
See the certification here

We work so that our actions do not leave a carbon footprint, ensuring that our products are environmentally-friendly. The ingredients we use are biodegradable, nontoxic, and do not contaminate the environment.


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